$10.00 – 20 minute chair massage Introductory Offer

New Clients,

Every few weeks, EPB hosts a meet & greet chair massage evening at the studio. This event is designed to give you the opportunity to experience my work and ascertain whether or not your bodywork needs and desires are a match for the style of bodywork I perform. There is no undressing, nor are you paying a bunch of cash for a service that you may not have enjoyed and/ or benefited from.

Should you discover that my work is a good match for your bodywork needs The initial $10.00 fee will be deducted from your first bodywork session.

Upcoming Dates;
Tuesday, 23 February 2016, 4-7p
Tuesday, 29 March 2016, 4-7p
Tuesday, 3 May 2016, 4-7p

Customer Feedback

I’ll put it out there in one sentence: William is the massage therapist I compare others to. And I’m a picky SOB when it comes to massage. I’ve been dabbling around, trying to find “my” MT for decades now. The person who is able to have a conversation with my body while I get out of the way and eavesdrop. That’s William. He finds issues I didn’t even know were issues, takes care of them, and does so in a graceful, powerful way that “just” “works”. Most massages wear off after a day or two. His last at least a week. I’ve found MTs ranging from good to excellent. But still, William is the one I go back to when I need to remember what a transcendent massage is about. ‘Nuff said, as far as I’m concerned.

—Jeremy (6/23/2013)

William is a fantastic masseur—his massages are the best and most professional I’ve ever had. He’s very personable, has a great little studio, and always discusses specific issues and knots before each massage. I run, lift, and do Yoga regularly, all of which has aggravated a musculo-skeletal issue on the entire right side of my body; William has helped tremendously. His massages leave me feeling intensely relaxed! His fees are also extremely reasonable, compared to other pricey “massages” I’ve received at spas that aren’t nearly as good, or those $10/10 minute joints where somebody drives their elbow into your back. William tailors each massage to whatever issue I’m having, and there’s great communication. If you’ve been on the fence about bodywork, then William will definitely change your mind!

—Ted (11/24/2014)

I used to be a massage therapist and know there are lots of well-meaning but mediocre MTs out there charging $80-$120. I was one of them! I could never get my business off the ground bc experienced MTs like William get all the repeat clients! Worth the money. Amazing deep tissue work. One of the best.

—Karl (6/24/2013)

Hours and Location


Monday – Friday: 10a – 9p

Saturday: 8a – 3p

Sunday: 11a – 7p


3354 N. Paulina, Suite 207
Chicago, IL 60657

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office: 1.773.687.9841 • email: wlp3@empyreanpathbodyworks.com

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