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I’ve gotten many massages from William and I would definitely recommend his work to others. He is very ethical and respectful, and I have always felt comfortable with his expertise and talents as a massage therapist. I know he really “walks the walk” so to speak, and does yoga and exercise and self-care in his personal life.


I have only had one deep tissue massage from William, but it rocked my socks. The man is not just talented, but intuitive, ethical and respectful. If you have a kink that needs to be worked out, get to him ASAP.


I am VERY picky about who I pay to work on my body, and William Laurence is one of the chosen few. Just be aware that this isn’t a spa massage; this is bodywork, with the emphasis on the WORK. He will go in deep and won’t rest until he’s found something, and then will dig till it’s gone. After I beat up my body with exercise, I’ve learned to schedule an appointment afterwards, which pretty much eliminates any soreness and leaves me floating out the door. Give him a try!


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Monday – Friday: 10a – 9p

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3354 N. Paulina, Suite 207
Chicago, IL 60657

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